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IndianRaga is an education start-up founded at MIT and a movement to make authentic arts education accessible, relevant and rewarding. They seek to provide high-quality education and career opportunities through internationally recognized certification and structured learning & professional paths. They provide a holistic approach to learning music, including a focus on presentation and performance, high-quality audio and video production for digital channels, and learning how to collaborate with fellow musicians.


Indian Raga Labs is one of their programs which was launched successfully with participants from over 30 cities across the world. Raga Labs are Music and Dance workshops where you learn, perform and shine. A group of 6-8 musicians or dancers come together to learn an exciting piece of around 5 minutes in an interesting arrangement, get trained in how to perform and present it effectively, and then actually produce a high-quality video of their collaboration.


Raga Labs is already established in USA, India, Singapore and London. Now, Raga Labs sets foot in Malaysia. We hope to provide talented musicians and dancers in Malaysia an avenue nearer to home where they can express their creativity, record high quality productions and share it with the rest of the world.


•Raga Labs make you refine your skills with the help of professionals, get noticed by global audiences, and have high-quality content that adds to your portfolio or resume. The final videos are released by IndianRaga on the Raga Labs channel, and thousands of audiences engage with it through social media! Participants in the past have used these videos for college applications, resumes, and as beautiful memories for life to record and capture their artistic talent!

•Training in the arts is a great way to develop creativity and imagination, which are critical skills for everyone to have in the world today. We, at IndianRaga, help you hone those skills through our arts-based programs to bring out the best in you

Performing Arts. By You. For You

Build your own masterpiece in music or dance with guidance from our expert trainers and showcase it on our platform

Preserving culture. Through you

Create a new wave of classical music and dance via classical and contemporary interpretations

Nominate your group for Raga Labs

Groups of 6-8 artists come together, send a sample of their work, and collaborate with IndianRaga experts on a 3-5 min artistic piece in dance or music. This is then professionally produced and and released on our Raga Labs platform


Don’t have a group? We can help you join one!

Why IndianRaga?

•We are the ONLY crowd-sourced music and dance content channel today!

•We work with talented artists like Mahesh Raghvan, Vinod Krishnan, Swathi Jaisankar and groom talent every year via our Fellowship and Raga Labs Programs

•Our artistes get a global platform to showcase their talent, not only on the channel but also via live shows

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