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Music Carnival

Music Carnival was introduced in the year 2009 with approximately 70 students. The Music Carnival is Sugam Karnatica’s annual concert for the children to showcase their talents and learning in a formal public platform. 

This day also serves as an awards and recognition day for the students and teachers.

Awards and recognition are also given at this concert. The Vijayalakshmi Award is given to students who show discipline, determination and dedication in their process of learning.

We also recognise one exemplary student of Sugam Karnatica through Sugam Karnatica Arts, Culture, Education Award or ACE Award. This is an overall award for participation, leadership, responsibility, commitment and upholding the values of Sugam Karnatica.

The Music Carnival serves as a booster for the children and teachers to continue their journey in not just acquiring a skill but to rise above the odds in the pursuit of life.

Music Carnival themes in the last 10 years:

2009 - Music Carnival (competition format)

2010 - Music Carnival (general theme)

2014 - Guruguha

2015 - Bharathiyar

2016 - Music Carnival (general theme)

2017 - Ekadanta

2018 - Papanasam Sivan

2019 - Karthikeya












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