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Sugam Seva

ThIS service learning program facilitates our students’ learning through meaningful service experiences, which will encourage and enable our students to positively impact the community. This program seeks to help students appreciate people from diverse backgrounds and demonstrate a commitment to be an involved citizen in his or her community

  • Deepavali Hamper Donation

Grocery hamper donations during Deepavali is an outreach carried out for underprivileged families to lessen their burden during the festival seasons.

  • Box of Love

This project is to introduce the children to the spirit of giving. Giving itself creates a positive feeling in a person and thus starting them young to feel the joy of giving, is something we at Sugam are trying to inscribe in our young ones.

The children will prepare a box each individually/family. The Boxes will then be donated to a chosen charitable institution. Children are encouraged to come with parent(s) to deliver it to an underprivileged child.

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