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Introduction to Carnatic Music and Culture for Young Children

A unique programme that integrates music, expressive language, peer interaction and play to initiate a life-long interest in Indian music and culture to little kids.


  • Introduces your child to the basics of Indian music and culture.

  • Nurtures your child’s imagination and creativity.

  • Encourages the building of characteristics related to successful learning in school: self-confidence, self-expression, social skills and co-operation.


  • Features

  • Songs

    • Rhythm

    • Stories

    • Yoga

    • Games

    • Relaxation

  • Class Levels

    • Zizu Intermediate (4 years old)

    • Zizu Advanced (5 years old)

    • Zizu Pre-Grade (6 years old)


Duration: 45 minutes per class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

                60 minutes per class (Pregrade)

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