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Developing and Grooming the Musical Intelligence in Special Children


Harvard researcher Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory states that eight distinct types of intelligences can be developed to help students reach their potential. They are logical-mathematical, linguistic-verbal, musical, visual-spastic, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist. This is in contrast to traditional approaches that focus solely on logical-mathematical and linguistic-verbal intelligences, which may underestimate the intelligence of students with special needs.


Researchers have found that music activities improved the attention span, behavior, cognitive, spoken language and emotional development of special children. But students with special needs present challenges to general music teachings in inclusive classrooms. These students find it difficult to engage and often only marginally participate and this can be overwhelming for a child with social challenges.


“Orange Harvest” aims to provide international best practices in Special Music and Arts Education for the development of special children. The courses offered will be Music, Dance, Drama and Art.


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